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Q: What are your different volunteer options?



A: Volunteers are needed on race day for packet pickup, course management, water stations, and finish line assistance.


Q: What do I get for volunteering?



A: Our volunteers are our much needed helpers! All volunteers will receive our immesnse gratitude - and hot cocoa at the end of the event.  


Q: Can you sign off on my volunteer hours?



A: Yes, anyone who needs us to sign off on hours - we'd be happy to help you!


How to Become a Volunteer

Are you looking for something to do on a bright & sunny Sunday afternoon? Are you happy with a reward of hot cocoa? Then, volunteering with us is the thing to do! In order to volunteer for the "Hug An Athlete" 5K, you must be at least 13 years of age and complete a volunteer application. Click below for the application, or for more info contact Sean Cramer at 815-547-5711 ext 601 or



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