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Q: Why should I participate in the Hug An Athlete 5k?



A: This 5K helps to kick off our Special Olympics year and helps to raise money for our athletes.

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Q: Where do I register?



A: To register for the race click on the registration tab and you will be directed to online the online registration portal.  Online registration is convenient, but there is a minimal fee to register online. Upon registration you will receive an email confirmation of your registration, as well as important email updates as the race approaches.


Q: I can’t make the race; can I get a refund?



A: This year, you have the opportunity to complete a 5K anytime from 2/28/21 - 3/31/21.  Please plan a day in this 32 day period to finish!  No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend the race.  The "Hug An Athlete" 5K is strictly a fundraising event and if you are unable to attend your race fee will be taken as a donation to the athletes. 


Q: Is there an age minimum or maximum?



A: No, any age can run/walk/roll the race.  If you do not feel you can complete the race, then why not volunteer with us in a future year!


Q: What is the course like? Is it hilly or flat? On trails or roads?



A: Normally, this is a mainly flat course all on the Kishwaukee Riverfront bike path.

In 2021, you pick!  If you want hills - go find some hills.  If you want to do it indoors, go find a treadmill.   If you want warm weather, run it in Florida!  


Q: Are strollers allowed?


A: Yes strollers are allowed, but in a typical race year, they must start behind all runners & walkers.  This policy does not apply in 2021.



Q: Are walkers allowed?


A: Absolutely!



Q: Are dogs allowed to run the course too?


A: In a typical race year, for safety of the participants, spectators, and of the pets, we do not encourage dogs on the course.   

In 2021, you are completing the course on your own - so go ahead, bring your dog, your cat, your horse, whatever you want!  


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